Thursday, July 25, 2013

Homemade Fruit Snacks

I have been meaning to make homemade fruit snacks for awhile now, my husband and I had even found a bacon shaped ice cube tray specifically to make these. So today I gathered the ingredients (all 3 of them!) and set out to make them, and dun dun dun dah! It was super easy to make! The original recipe is here, she made hers shaped like lego men! Super cute!

Fruit Snacks
1 (3oz) Package    Any flavor Jello
2 Packets    Knox Gelatine (4 come in one box)
1/3 Cup    Water

So gather the ingredients, I used strawberry!

Place the water into a small sauce pan, then the jello and 2 packets of the gelatine. Mix together over medium heat until the gelatine dissolves, a couple minutes.

Pour into a tray or mold. (I used a silicone bacon shaped mold) If using silicone you don't have to spray with non stick spray. But...

I had a little extra, but not another mold. So, I took a 6" cake pan and lined it with foil, I then sprayed with non stick spray (just in case). Let set at room temperature for 30 Min, then take out of the mold.

*You don't have to use a mold, you can use a 6" or 8" (depending on how thick you want them) cake pan with foil and spray and pour all into the pan, when you take it out of the pan you just cut them into squares*


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